Member Testimonials

Below are just a few of our members that have benefited from Whole Body Vibration Workouts.

"I injured my shoulders through a popular workout routine and experienced chronic pan, fatigue and strength loss in my arms and grip for over a year.  I turned to HyperVibe as an alternative to surgery and within 1 month I finally lost the achiness and got my strength back.  I highly recommend HyperVibe!"  - Brandon W. (Bloomington, IL)

"Since I started "The Vibe"...I sleep and dream much better and finally wake up feeling rested.  I also have more energy and feel great.  My osteoarthritis and varicose veins are so much better.  I love it!"  - Mary D. (Normal, IL)

"I am 70 years old and have had P.A.D. diagnosed 4 years ago. Have had 5 angioplasty surgeries. After each surgery my circulation would improve for 4 or 5 months, then slow down again. I saw Sharon's ad and decided to try HperVibe for increased circulation and possible inch loss. I started HyperVibe and within a week or 10 days I noticed and improvement. Feet were hot, hair growing on legs, legs were warm to the touch and strength returning in legs. All signs of improved circulation. What a great thing to happen with no cutting or inserting balloons or hospital stays. No Doctor or Hospital Bills....GREAT. I'm going in for knee replacement next month and thanks to HyperVibe my circulation is improved enough to allow it. Thanks Sharon for HyperVibe."  -  Pat C. (Normal, IL)

"I found out about this technology through alternative medicine newsletters but it was too expensive to buy our right.  However, after seeing Sharon's ad offering reasonably-priced HyperVibe sessions I signed up immediately for regular 10 minute visits 3 times per week which has helped me overcome a great deal of diabetic neuropathy in my legs and feet as well as improving my balance and muscle tone overall.  It has really exceeded my expectations."  - Jim B. (Bloomington, IL)