About Get Your Vibe

My name is Sharon Sylvester, I have been a business owner for over 30 years.  For 8 years I was the owner of Little Village Treasures in Bloomington, Illinois.  I had to close that business to be the caretaker of my brother and my mother.  When my brother passed away it wasn't long before the entrepreneurial bug bit me again. 

In June 2011 I started Get Your Vibe at Normandy Village at the Natural Pathways Center. This business provides me with an outlet to serve my calling of helping and caring for people.  With the Hypervibe Performances Machine I am able to offer clients of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to increase their health, prevent injuries and simply relax.


The first applications of vibrations for the improvement of human performance were developed in ancient Greece; a saw covered in cotton was used as a tool to transmit mechanical vibrations to the part of the body that was not functioning properly.

The immediate predecessor of the modern vibration training is rhythmic neuromuscular stimulation (RNS). In former East Germany, Dr. Biermann was experimenting with the use of cyclic oscillations and their effects on the human body back in the sixties. In that same era, the Russian scientist Nazarov translated these findings to practical uses for athletes. He observed a substantial increase in flexibility and strength in the athletes he studied after the application of vibrations (Kunnemeyer & Smidtbleicher, 1997).

The Russians also performed experiments with "Biomechanical Stimulation" for the benefit of their athletes as well as their space program. Unlike WBV devices on which the user stands Biomechanical Stimulation uses vibration stimulation directly on muscles or tendons. RSI, the Russian Space Institute as well as ESA, the European Space Agency and NASA are experimenting with various types of Vibration Training Systems in order to get the ultimate benefits from the vibration stimulus. Due to the lack of gravity in space, astronauts and cosmonauts exhibited muscle atrophy (muscle impairment) and bone loss, which forces them to return to earth rather quickly.

For rehabilitation after elongated space flights Russian scientists experimented with Biomechanical Stimulation. Once the Iron Curtain had been dismantled, the West could finally profit from the information and experience that had been gathered in the previous years.

I do everything holistically I can for myself and help others to do the same if they want. I look forward to meeting all of you and helping you mature healthy and strong. Give me a call or send me an email to request for first session with Whole Body Vibration on the Hypervibe Performance machine for FREE.